OSHA / NIOSH Training

Jul 2021

OSHA: Safe Patient Handling

OSHA has developed a series of online resources to help you develop and implement safe patient handling assessments, policies, procedures, programs, training, and patient education in your hospital. It is part of OSHA’s comprehensive suite of information for “Worker Safety in Hospitals – Caring for our Caregivers.”


Jul 2021

OSHA: Hospital eTool: Healthcare Wide Hazards – Ergonomics

Health care facilities have been identified as an environment where ergonomic stressors exist due to during handling, transferring and repositioning patients/residents. These modules include identification of the risks and potential solutions.


Jul 2021

NIOSH: Safe Patient Handling & Mobility

The single greatest risk factor for overexertion injuries in healthcare workers is the manual lifting, moving and repositioning of patients, residents or clients, i.e., manual patient handling. Occupational safety and health programs have fostered research to identify injury risk factors and safety interventions to prevent injuries during patient handling. Evidence-based research has shown that safe patient handling interventions can significantly reduce overexertion injuries by replacing manual patient handling with safer methods guided by the principles of “Ergonomics.”


June 8, 2016

NIOSH Homecare Safety Training Modules

On Jun 8, 2016, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and OSHA issued a joint letter to introduce a series of 7 training modules they have developed and are making available to assist homecare agencies and their trainers. The seven modules include:

· Introduction to Homecare Health and Safety
· Reducing Strains, Sprains and Falls
· Reducing Risk from Environmental Exposures
· Reducing Exposure to Bloodborne and Other Infectious Diseases
· Staying Safe When Working With Clients With Dementia
· Setting Healthy and Safe Boundaries to Reduce Stress; and
· Safely Handling Threatening Behavior When Providing Homecare.

We have highlighted the second module that addresses safe patient handling and mobility. For more information, go to the following link
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Journey towards a National Coding Standard for Patient Handling Injuries
Speakers: Vicki Missar, MS, CPE, CSPHP, CHSP, SSBB, Associate Director, AON
                     Candy Raphan, RN, BSN, ARNP, MOAM, Regional Vice President, Broadspire

The webinar provides insight into the journey and development of a national standard for Patient Handling Injury coding. The standardized coding once implemented universally, will provide a mechanism to measure and benchmark injuries and fully support further prevention and research.

Here is the link to the draft recording: