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August 9th, 2023 – ASPHP Webinar: The 2021 ISO standard for design of lifts and slings – Understanding how to use it in your SPHM program

Presented and recorded live August 9th, 2023 from 2 PM – 3 PM Eastern


ISO 10535:2021 “Assistive products, Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons requirements and test methods” is recognized as the global standard for design and testing of lifts and slings to safeguard patient and caregiver safety. This standard is recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a consensus standard, so it applies to manufacture and sale of patient lifts and slings in the US.

The 2021 revision of the standard includes new safety related requirements to enhance sling and lift compatibility and considers the potential new development within robotic technology on patient lift solutions. New guidance for sling and hoist maintenance, sling sizing and safe use are also included.

Revisions to the standard and key elements will be reviewed by the presenter who was a member of the ISO workgroup that revised the standard. The presenter will provide rationale and research related to key changes in the standard.

This information will assist SPHM practitioners and health care organizations to be able to choose patient lifts and slings for purchase based on safest design and best fit for their patient population.

Objectives – After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the purpose of ISO 10535:2021 “Assistive products, Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons requirements and test methods”, related to safeguarding patient and caregiver safety worldwide
  • Define how requirements of ISO 10535:2021 can be used to review overall functionality and safety when choosing to purchase patient lifts and slings
  • Identify the primary responsibilities of sling and lift manufacturers and of health care organizations/facilities to facilitate sling and hanger bar compatibility

Meet the Speaker(s)

Lynda Enos, RN, BSN, MS, COHN-S, CPE
Ms. Enos is a certified occupational health nurse and certified professional ergonomist with over 30 years of work and consulting experience in industrial and health care ergonomics. She holds an undergraduate degree in nursing and a graduate degree in human factors/ergonomics from the University of Idaho.

Ms. Enos has worked with over 200 companies nationwide to develop and facilitate ergonomics and safety programs. Work experience includes consultation in safe patient handling and mobility (SPHM) and ergonomics for over 40 hospital systems, clinics, assisted living facilities, and home health and hospice services in the United States. Assistance includes development, facilitation, and evaluation of SPHM programs for up to 6 years per facility.

Since 2011, in the role of clinical consultant, Ms. Enos has assisted a large teaching hospital in Oregon to develop, and maintain a comprehensive SPH program, assist to address ergonomics related issues system wide, and provide clinical coaching and problem solving at the bedside to help nursing and other staff address patient mobility challenges.

Ms. Enos co-authored the Federal OSHA Guidelines for Nursing Homes: Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (2003), and she was a contributor the American Nurses Association (ANA) Interdisciplinary Safe Patient Handling and Mobility Standards 2013 and revised standards to be published in 2021.

She is also a representative member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on the ISO/TC 173/WG 13 committee for the revision of ISO standard 10535:2006 Hoists for the transfer of disabled persons — Requirements and test methods to be published in 2021.

Ms. Enos is a director for the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP) and a current member of the NIOSH NORA Healthcare and Social Assistance Sector Council.

Ms. Enos was the recipient of the 2017 Advocacy Award for Safe Patient Handling awarded by the Tampa VA Research and Education Foundation and the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP).


Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP 15826, for 1 contact hour.

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