SPHM Regional Networking Events

Are you looking for…

  • Local SPHM educational opportunities
  • Quality SPHM programs led by nationally recognized SPHM industry leaders
  • Convenient and affordable SPHM education

The ASPHP is open to partnering with local healthcare systems and facilities to host Regional Networking Events.  Contact ASPHP at info@asphp.org  for more information.

Responsibilities of the “host” facility is to:

  • provide a venue suitable for podium presentations and vendor partners to set-up and provide equipment for the event.
  • Market to draw participants from within the locale to register and attend the event
  • Work with the ASPHP on the logistics for the event

Contact ASPHP at info@asphp.org  for more information.

Disclaimer: Any products or services used for demonstrations or examples in the program do not constitute endorsement by the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals (ASPHP).