ASPHP Board of Directors Election

ASPHP is requesting nomination of candidates for the 2020 Board of Directors election. Two (2) seats will be vacated in March 2020. We are looking for passionate, committed SPHM practitioners to help move our organization forward as it strives to help achieve universal SPHM.

Our efforts make an impact in our places of work with our colleagues and employers, in our neighborhoods with those receiving care within the healthcare continuum and with legislators focused on improved patient and worker safety.

You may nominate yourself or someone you know. We seek those persons who can work with board colleagues and staff to grow our outreach and education and help us as we work cooperatively with other organizations in pursuit of our mission. To realize accomplishments in all our endeavors, we need a group of dedicated persons with diverse talents and skill sets. Don’t overlook those valuable professionals who are retired from meaningful careers and seeking a way to contribute on a schedule that permits their leisure pursuits.

Nomination and Election Process

“The Nominating Committee shall consist of the President and two (2) other members of the Board chosen by the Board and shall be convened for the purpose of generating and making nominations for Board membership. Nominations will be received by this committee from the membership of the Corporation. Nominees will be selected based upon the number of vacancies and the number of nominations received from the membership. The Nominating committee will also solicit nominees from the Board of Directors for the positions of Board Directors.”

  • Once nominees are selected and informed of their selection, the membership will receive all pertinent information regarding the nominees to inform them of nominee credentials, experience, etc.
  • Voting will be opened on January 6, 2020 and closed on January 17, 2020. (Below is a pertinent excerpt from Association Bylaws)

“Directors are elected by the members of the Corporation as follows: The members shall vote for the Directors through the submission of ballots. Ballots for Board membership will be distributed to the at-large membership at least three (3) weeks prior to the voting deadline. Votes received by the Corporation prior to the expiration of the deadline shall be compiled and the elected directors will be notified of the results of the election prior to the annual meeting of the members and the members shall be notified of such results at the annual meeting of the members and/or through written or electronic communication to the membership.”

  • Results of the election shall be announced at the ASPHP Annual Meeting on March 3, 2020.

Thank you for submitting your nomination. Please use the Nomination Form below. Upon completion, please email your submission form to

Nomination Submission Form 2020. Deadline for Submission:  December 2, 2019

Thank you for your commitment to our organizational pursuits and the future of ASPHP!

Susan Gallagher
Chair, 2020 ASPHP Nomination Committee