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Presented live June 12, 2019 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Overview Slings are an essential component of any successful SPHM program and reusable slings are better for the environment. Reusable slings provide more options and significantly enhance the SPHM program by providing multiple applications for improving patient outcomes. Most SPHM champions are unaware of […]

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FREE to ASPHP members. Presented live May 2, 2019 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Overview The national health care report analyzed $3.0 billion in incurred losses from 50 states covering ten accidnet years. The estimated payroll was $70.3 billion for 2017. The presenters will review relevant data trends on safe patietn handling, aging health […]

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Presented live April 17, 2019 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Recorded version available below for purchase. Overview Review an Excel created tool that has been set up just for ROI calculations for Safe Patient Handling Programs. The course will review inputs and how to find them in the organization and will focus on items […]

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FREE to ASPHP members. Presented live April 24, 2019 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern Overview The webinar will provide highlights from the 2019 SPHM & Falls conference. Current research findings, successful implementation strategies, new tools and tips and expert recommendations for risk reduction across the continuum of care will be summarized by ASPHP board […]

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Moving the Heart of the Frontline – Building a Case for SPHM Sustainability

Presented by Rhonda Turner, RN, MSN-LD, CSPHA
Recorded on Mar 13, 2019

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The OR: The Last Frontier for Safe Patient Handling

Presented by Mary Ogg, MSN, RN, CNOR
Recorded on Feb 13 2019

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Education, Training, and Competence for Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) Programs

Presented by: Renee Neidhardt, MSN, RN-BC
Recorded on Jan 9, 2019

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Shiftwork, Fatigue and the Impact on Patient Handling Injuries

Presented by: George Brogmus, MS, CPE (Certified Professional Ergonomist)
Recorded on Dec 12, 2018

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The NAM Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience: The Role of SPHM

Presented by: Colin J, Brigham, CIH, CSP, CPE, CPEA, CSPHP, FAIHA and Charlee M. Alexander, BA
Recorded on Nov 14, 2018

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New and Emerging Bariatric Population – Exploring care for the individual weighing greater than 650 pounds

Presented by: Susan Gallagher PhD, RN
Recorded on Oct 10, 2018

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Safe Patient Handling and Falls Prevention: Reducing Risk Through Evidence Based Interventions

Presented by: Susan L. Salsbury BS, OTR/L, CDMS, CSPHP
Recorded on Sept 12, 2018

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OR Injuries: Avoiding the Physical and Financial Pain

Presented by: Miki Patterson, PhD, APRN, RNFA, ONP
Recorded on Aug 8, 2018

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Benchmarking the SPHM Program

Presented by: Esther Murray, RN, MSN, COHN-S, CSPHP
Recorded on July 13, 2018

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Making SPHM Programs Stick: Tips for Sustainable Success By Margaret Arnold PT, CEES, CSPHP Recorded on June 13, 2018 Many facilities struggle with sustainability of their SPHM programs. This presentation will review the important elements of a safe patient handling and mobility program that help to achieve sustainability. These will include practical examples that learners […]

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Back by Popular Demand: Almost “LIVE” from 2018 SPHM Conference

Presented by: Susan Gallagher
Recorded on May 9, 2018

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Virtual Safe Patient Handling and Mobility for Caregivers

Presented by: Sandra Winkler, PhD, OTR/L
Recorded on February 14, 2018

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Learn from Experienced SPHM Practitioners about Managing Challenging SPHM Cases

Presented by: ASPHP Panel
Recorded on March 14, 2018

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What a Lift Team Can Do for You

Presented by: Manon Labreche
Recorded on January 10, 2018

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Standards for Accessible Medical Diagnostic Equipment (MDE) – Overview and Practical Implications

Presented by: Tamara James and Rex Pace
Recorded on December 13, 2017

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Implementing a Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool

Presented by: Teresa Boynton
Recorded on November 8, 2017

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A Practical Approach to Building Behavior-Based Patient Handling Safety

Presented by: Susan Gallagher and Ed Hall
Recorded on October 11, 2017

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An Integrated Approach to Moving and Handling Patients with Behavioral Concerns

Presented by: Nancy McGann
Recorded on September 13, 2017

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Safe Client Handling in Home Care: A Problem-Solving Approach

Presented by: Emily King
Recorded on Aug 15, 2017

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EMS & SPHM: Safe patient handling in emergency situations

Presented by: Patti Wawzyniecki
Recorded on Jul 12, 2017

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How to Make Effective SPHM Technology Purchase and Design Decisions

Presented by: Mary W. Matz
Recorded on May 10, 2017

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The Patient’s Perspective on Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

Presented by: Michelle Franklin RN, BSN, MSN
Recorded on Jun 14, 2017

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Advancing Mobility Across the Continuum of Care: The NWI Journey

Presented by: Ronda Fritz, RN, BSN, MA
Recorded on Jul 13, 2016

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