Comments on Expanding Employment

Comments on Expanding Employment, Training, and Apprenticeship Opportunities for 16- and 17-Year-Olds in Health Care Occupations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.

ASPHP provides comments on the subject proposed rulemaking. Through this rulemaking, the US Department of Labor proposes to remove the prohibition regarding the independent operation of power-driven patient lifts by 16- and 17-year-olds from the Department’s Hazardous Occupations Orders (HO) 7. We believe this change runs counter to the scientific evidence that currently exists and may lead to increased harm to both these care giving youth and the care recipients they service.

The ASPHP was developed for the sole purpose of furthering the science and practice of safe patient handling. Those anxious to join this grass roots effort and bring it to life, as evidenced by our Board of Directors and Advisors, were the pioneers and experts in the field; those impassioned about the subject of reducing injury to our healthcare workers and preventing harm to those for whom they provide care. Importantly, these experts not only rose to prominence in the field because of their educational background, they are experienced, practiced professionals who quite frankly, “get it”!

This ASPHP team represents all perspectives of the subject at hand: research, education, consulting, assistive device manufacturers, and clinicians. Some work outside of the practice environment, some work within that environment on an administrative level and many others work as caregivers in acute care, long-term care, continuous care and the home environments. Our membership is active with us, including those who have already achieved the status of Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals (CSPHP). Our quest includes assisting in the setting of standards for program development, implementation, sustainability and overall practice. Succinctly, the Association represents a ready wealth of information to provide assistance in your endeavor to develop legislation to address this crucial need.

ASPHP Comments to RIN 1235-AA22 Minors Use of Patient Lifts