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Archived Webinar: Rehab and Safe Patient Handling: Avoiding Injury in the Workplace

Presented live January 8th, 2020 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern


Patient handling injuries occur at high rates for physical and occupational therapists, as well as other patient care providers including, but not limited to, nurses, patient support assistants, transport staff, and radiology technicians. Physical and occupational therapists perform patient handling tasks including transferring, repositioning, and ambulating patients, which can put therapists at a high risk of injury. Although body mechanics and proper technique can reduce the risk of injury, it does not prevent patient handling injuries. During this webinar, we provide evidence based research from multiple resources to not only demonstrate the impact of the proper use of safe patient handling equipment, but to present how its use can enhance the outcomes of our patients and their functional recovery.

Objectives – After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify and/or discuss the impact of WMSDs on work and personal life and prevalence of WMSDs for therapists
  • Identify and/or discuss misconceptions to using Safe Patient Handling (SPH) equipment as part of therapy
  • Identify and/or discuss how to incorporate use of SPH equipment into therapy practice

Meet the Speakers

Stephanie Bendinelli, PT, DPT, CSPHC

Stephanie Bendinelli graduated from Touro College in Long Island, NY with her doctorate in physical therapy and has been a physical therapist for six and a half years. She has been actively involved in the Safe Patient Handling movement, co-chairing and running the Doctors Hospital Safe Patient Handling Committee when she was there for four years. Since moving into her role as a Rehab Program Coordinator at Grant Medical Center, she has been involved at both the hospital and system levels as a liaison between nursing and therapy staff to facilitate a culture of safe patient handling for both patients and staff. Stephanie recently participated in one of three national pilot studies incorporating lift and air technology to safely move patients in a critical care unit at Grant Medical Center. Stephanie is a member of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals, she was certified as a Safe Patient Handling Clinician in January of 2019 and Stephanie had the opportunity to co-present at the 2019 National Safe Patient Handling Conference in Orlando, FL.


Ashley Hursh, PT, MPT, CSPHC

Ashley Hursh is a physical therapist and Rehab Program Coordinator of Critical Care and Trauma at Riverside Methodist Hospital (Columbus, Ohio), practicing at Riverside since 2008. She graduated from The University of Findlay (Ohio) with her masters of physical therapy degree in 2008. Ashley became actively involved in the interprofessional SPHM team in 2010 and became co-chair for this committee in 2014. She published her first article in a peer reviewed journal in 2013. She is a member of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals and became one of the first seven nationally recognized Certified Safe Patient Handling Clinicians in 2017. Ashley co-presented at the 2019 National Safe Patient Handling Conference.



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