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Archived Webinar: Clean Up Your Laundry Process Using a High Reliability Framework

Presented live July 10, 2019 2 pm – 3 pm Eastern


Slings are an essential component of any successful SPHM program and reusable slings are better for the environment, provide more sling options and significantly reduce the ongoing costs of SPHM programs when managed properly. However, slings get lost, pars are often low and improper laundering can cause damage to slings and pose significant safety risks to our patients. Learn how utilizing a high reliability framework, we collaborated with our laundry provider and other healthcare institutions, to create and later implement a process improvement strategy. The benefits, outcomes and lessons learned from this journey will be shared.

Objectives – After this session, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the barriers to an ideal sling laundry process for both the laundry and healthcare communities.
  • Understand the traditional operations of hospital laundry facilities to discover their typical practices and why sling laundry poses additional challenges.
  • Understand tactics that can be deployed to reduce the barriers of laundry damage, loss and par maintenance.
  • Understand lessons learned by a 2-year process improvement journey to improve sling quality and access that include sling standardization to reduce sling laundry error and hospital laundry standardization to reduce caregiver error.

Meet the Speaker

Nancy McGann PT, CSPHP

Nancy is a physical therapist and has been employed by SCL Health for twelve years. Currently, she is the System Manager for Ergonomics and Safe Patient Handling for a 18,000 employee hospital system including 8 hospitals and multiple outpatient centers. She is also a member of the System Fall Collaborative, Risk and Patient Safety Committees. Initially, she developed the safe patient handling programs at the system’s 3 Denver hospitals. She has worked as a therapist and ergonomic consultant in industry and healthcare for the past 30 years and has a clinical background in occupational rehab and spinal manual therapy.



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